sPerth: Of Gamers and Gods

sPerth: Get going

A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the Twenty Second of August, is the day the world will end. What is this young man's name?

You would enter something offensive but this is a written story and there is no way for you to do that. You proceed meekly to the next paragraph.


==> WM Be introduced

Your name is William Moore and you are Twenty Two years old. Around your room is a variety of your interests. Your walls display an obvious affinity for what can only be described as 'nerdy' paraphernalia. There are several comic books on your shelves as well as every science fiction book you can lay your hands on. You have many games, all of which you are terrible at. You also have a fondness for anime and ancient religions. You fancy yourself something of a storyteller.

The first thing you do is immediately pat yourself down in search of your arms.

Not to worry they were right there the whole time. Silly thing to do really. Perhaps you were looking for the matches you never really carry.

You look at your desk and see a Zippo lighter and, figuring it will do in a pinch, you captchalogue it to your Jacket Sylladex. Now, why in the hell you were looking for matches in the first place? While you are at it you captchalogue your smartphone and a comedic plastic eye just in case. It is a bit hot for you to use your trench coat type Jacket Sylladex, but you don't care. You reach over and crank up the air conditioning. It is all very well to be cool in your trench coat, but there is no sense in sweating over it.

An alarm sounds on your smartphone and you remember that today is a very important day. Today is the day sPerth comes out. Your best friend has repeatedly assured you that you are very excited about this. You didn't really look up anything about the game before hand so you're not really sure why you are excited, but doubtless there are some very good reasons. You can be kind of a trusting fool that way. You turn on your computer to see whether your best friend has pestered you, again, about it. You are not sure why she keeps going on at you about it. You can't really get around the 08:22 unlock time on the beta.

Your best friend is mysteriously silent on the matter, offline for the first time in weeks. You would consider this strange but you aren't aware that you are a character in a story and thus aren't keeping an eye out for the unusual. Still it is just under half an hour till the game unlocks so no doubt she will be on soon. You lean back for a quick bout of tumblr as you wait.

> ==> SB: Be Introduced

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This story is based primarily on the concepts of Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck
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