sPerth: Of Gamers and Gods

SB: Be Introduced

Your name is Samantha Bullock. You are also twenty two years old as are all the friends you have roped into this game. Even the ones that aren't. Especially them.

You are currently too occupied with being asleep to talk to your friends. Your bed and room are small but you are too cool to care about such things. That, and lately you sleep too heavily to notice discomfort. Your walls are plastered with posters about the popular webcomic Gunnerkrig Court. It is crazy how much of a fan you are of... Gunnerkrig Court. You have gotten all your friends to read it. Merchandise from Gunnerkrig Court and Pokemon adorn your shelves. Various music books and instruments indicate your superior musical skills. You hass the rhythm.

You don't wake up, no matter how narratively convenient it would be. You are kind of a jerk like that. You suggest, with your quiet sleeping demeanor, that we look somewhere else for story and let you rest.

> ==> WM: Be surprised by the sudden thing

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This story is based primarily on the concepts of Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck
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